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Packing Self Storage Items

There are different techniques to packing for self storage depending on the item you need to be stored and what you’re storing it in. Rather than lumping everything into one box and running the risk of damage to your prized possessions, perhaps you should read some key things to consider when packing for storage containers.

Boxed Items

• Only use those that you are 100% still have longevity left in them. Wet cardboard boxes etc won’t be up to the task.
• Fill them to capacity but not so that items are literally falling out it and the box is bulging at the seams.
• Always store the sturdiest box at the base of a stack of boxes.
• Write descriptions for the box’s contents on the box itself for easy reference.
• Make a list of which box is in which part of your storage container.


• Cover all furnishings in a bag to deter dust.
• Don’t pile heavy items on top of them as this will cause damage over time.


• Cover all furnishings in a bag to deter dust.
• Place cardboard shields on the corners of all furniture.
• Store items within specific storage spaces i.e a wardrobe to save yourself some space.
• Stack seats responsibly and carefully.


• Make sure any appliance is cleaned properly before storage.
• Dry appliances like fridges out before storing. The condensation from this can negatively affect nearby items over time.
• Air out fridges, freezers, washing machines etc a full two days before moving to storage to ensure proper dryness.

Delicate Objects

• Safely wrap anything that is likely to break if dropped in transit, such as glass containers and ornaments.
• Pack the items before you bring them to storage.
• Take extra special caution when it comes to mirrors and photos: use tissue paper to wrap them up with and be sure to not store anything heavy on top of them.


• Use dustsheets liberally on your items in the storage container.
• Always think before you pack.

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