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Space Needed

The amount of space you will need in your container really depends on what it is you want to store. If you’re thinking of packing a container to the brim with furniture, you want to invest in the larget available container. However, if it’s just a few personal effects that you need to store, there’s nothing wrong with getting the smallest available.

Think literally

There’s nothing wrong with being completely exact and getting the measurements right down to the finest detail.

Here are a few simple ways you can do this:

  • With a tape measure. These help you measure the overall circumference and various different details and are one of the real essentials.
  • Do it by box size. This only really applies if you’re packing away in boxes but think of the size of your box and how many you can fit into a container for an accurate reflection of the space you need.
  • Ask. There’s nothing wrong with asking us! We are here to help.

Think relatively.

If you’re struggling to do the maths of what exactly can fit in where, the best way to think of sizes is in relative terms i.e something’s size which you are aware of and use every day.

The easiest way we would to think of width is to relate it to your television. You could also try following some of these other simple examples below:

  • Think about how tall you are. Then multiply, divide etc that by the size you’ve been quoted. Ex: “This storage containers is 6 me’s!” This makes it easier to remember than others as it is personally related!
  • Compare it to the size or length of a cable. This is especially easy to relate to the length of a HDMI cable which comes in 3m lengths on average.
  • Many car parks are 100 sq ft.
  • A ruler is usually 30 cm in length. Think of the old school days and the plastic rulers and you will do well!

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